The Ghana Association of Private Employment Agencies, (GHAPEA) is made up of the nation’s duly licensed Private Employment Agencies, with a mandate
to provide ethical national and international job placement. At this time, GHAPEA’s membership stands at 30 companies. A Private Employment Agency, by definition of the International Labour Organisation, is any natural or legal person, independent of the public authorities, which provides one or more of the following labour market services:

(a) services for matching offers of and applications for employment, without the private employment agency becoming a party to the employment relationships which may arise therefrom;

(b) services consisting of employing workers with a view to making them available to a third party, who may be a natural or legal person (referred to below as a “user enterprise”) which assigns their tasks and supervises the execution of these tasks;

(c) other services relating to jobseeking, determined by the competent authority after consulting the most representative employers and workers organizations, such as the provision of information, that do not set
out to match specific offers of and applications for employment.

By sourcing candidates and job vacancies both nationally and internationally, matching supply and demand of labour and designing talent acquisition
solutions, GHAPEA members act as crucial gateways to employment and great opportunities, and to many, a lifeline out of poverty!

Key recruitment agencies nationally, met on July 15, 2015, and agreed to work together on a constitution to govern the newly formed GHAPEA.

GHAPEA, as the trade association representing Ghana’s private employment services at the national and international level, is poised to play the leading role in the sanitization of the private employment services industry. Having set forth to adopt the key Principles of the International Confederation of Private
Employment Agencies (CIETT), GHAPEA has plugged in to the ethics and standards of the major players in the industry globally.

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