Know ye all men
That we, the licensed private employment agencies, operating in Ghana and outside Ghana; Desirous of having a common front that will protect our collective interest and streamline the way we do business for purpose of improving efficiency; and Conscious of the constant hazards we encounter especially with deviant employees and also difficult principals abroad; and Anxious to have a legal framework in which we can regulate our affairs in an orderly manner at all times.
Do hereby adopt, enact and give unto ourselves this Constitution.

1. Name
1.1 Our name shall be the GHANA ASSOCIATION OF PRIVATE EMPLOYMEN AGENCIES hereinafter referred to in this Constitution as GHAPEA.
2.0 Constitution
2.1 This Constitution shall be the supreme law of GHAPEA.
2.2 Any matter concerning GHAPEA shall be resolved within the term of this constitution.
2.3 Conflicts between members shall be resolved amicably by mediation – by Appropriate dispute Resolution (ADR).
2.4 For issues not catered for by the constitution we shall
handle to the best interest and greater good of GHAPEA.
3.0 Aims and Objectives
3.1 The aim and objective of GHAPEA shall be as follows:
1. Cater for the welfare of stakeholders and members of GHAPEA.
2. Facilitate and compliment the efforts of the Government in the alleviation of unemployment in Ghana.
3. Sanitize the industry of private employment agencies and create a better image of the members of our industry.
4. Branding of GHAPEA as an association of integrity
5. Setting up a permanent secretariat for GHAPEA.
6. Awareness creation of the international recruitment industry.
7. Setting up a legal framework to standardize the recruitment process.
8. Setting up a code of conduct for members of the organization.
9. Foster relationships with our counterpart organization
10. Monitoring our workers overseas and complimenting
the monitoring and evaluating efforts of the Labour office.
3.2 For purposes of attaining the above aims and
objectives, GHAPEA will pursue the following specific objectives:
a. To organize regular meeting and programs on matters of mutual interest.
b. To establish regular refined system of operation and guidelines for members.
c. To carry out regular services in the interest of GHAPEA.
4.0 Administration
4.1 GHAPEA shall have the following levels of authorities to administer its affairs:
a) Annual General Meeting
b) Executive Council
c) Extraordinary General Meeting
d) General Meeting
5.0 Annual General Meeting
5.1 The highest decision making body of GHAPEA shall be the Annual General Meeting which shall be on the last Thursday of every January each year
5.2 Every Annual General meeting shall
a) Receive Annual Report from Executive Council.
b) Adopt audited accounts for the year.
c) Elect a new Executive Council into office or endorse the current Executive Council members into office a term of three years endorsed each year
5.3. Quorum for very Annual General Meeting shall be 60% of total registered members in good standing
5.4. Voting on every issue at an Annual General Meetings shall be very simple majority except as otherwise provided by this constitution
6.0 Executive Council Positions
6.1 In the course of the years, in between Annual General Meetings, the business of GHAPEA shall be handled by an Executive Council which shall be duly constituted as follows.
a) Chairperson
b) Vice Chairperson
c) Executive Secretary

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